CBC hosts workshops, publishes tutorials on computing tools used by bioinformaticians, and provides analysis support to the Brown community. To learn more about what we offer, click on the links below or contact us at cbc-help@brown.edu.

Computational Biology Core Tools

CBC provides various open source software, workshops, and tutorials. Complete projects can be found on the Projects Index Site. Projects in development can be found on our GitHub account.

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List of Genome References available on URSA Stronghold and CCV’s Oscar.

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Ingenuity Pathway Analysis

IPA is a software application that enables biologists and bioinformaticians to identify the biological mechanisms, pathways, and functions most relevant to their experimental datasets or genes of interest. It allows researchers to graphically view, analyze, and query data in a comprehensive and seamless manner to understand molecular interactions, biological functions and disease on multiple levels. For more details go to qiagen IPA website and also access their webinars. Access to IPA free for the entire Brown community through September 2019.

Only one concurrent users will be allowed at a time, so use the scheduler below to reserve analysis time.

To request access to IPA please use the request button below. After registration, Ingenuity Systems will send each registrant, via e-mail, their individual password and login instructions. Please note, the first time you login to your IPA account, it may take a few minutes to load the application. Additionally, please disable all pop-up blockers prior to signing in as they may prevent the application from loading.

Use the calendar to see what times are available to access IPA. Click below to schedule your IPA session or to request access. Please restrict yourself to at most two consecutive slots for any given time.

Request Access to IPA Schedule a session