Data Analysis

The core provides assistance in experimental design and data processing pipelines for high-throughput datasets generated in individual projects, particularly for DNA/RNA sequencing data. Our assistance falls broadly into the categories outlined below.

Experimental Design and Power Analysis

Conduct in silico experiments to assess power and sensitivity/specificity in the experimental design.


The Core will use both public data and internal data as basis for simulation studies to provide PIs with comprehensive prediction of possible outcome in their experiments to ensure efficient use of these technologies

Technology Assessment

In collaboration with staff in the sequencing core facility (Center for Genomics and Proteomics CGP ) our staff will also provide guidance on technologies; for example, selection of single end/paired-end sequencing, multiplexing, sequencing depth, sample pooling etc.

Consulting Services

The Core provides two distinct complimentary services to all researchers at Brown.

Appointment Based – A team of experienced computational biologists and biostatisticians are on-hand to help investigators design experiments.

Weekly Consulting Sessions – The Core offers two hours *walk-in Consulting* sessions for all researchers to discuss any immediate issues in data analysis including trouble-shooting code, help with statistical analysis and discussion of options for bioinformatic analysis. These consulting sessions are currently held at *BMC 405 1.30-3.30 pm on Wednesdayd*

To avail of the consulting services please sign up below if you have not used the CBC services before. Use the scheduler below to reserve a slot for the weekly consulting sessions and in the event that all slots are filled and you need an appointment sooner contact our helpdesk.



R/Python Packages – The core will provide help with packaging R, Python and Julia code and work with computational biologists to convert their code to make it easily shareable.

Web apps – The Core will help with the implementation and maintenance of web apps using the latest technologies for projects requiring web enabled interfaces.